The Clermont Club fully supports the objectives detailed in the Gambling Act 2005 that all gambling be conducted a fair and open way.

While The Clermont Club welcomes feedback from its customers on all aspects of its operations, here ‘complaint’ means specifically a complaint about any aspect of our conduct of the licensed activities, i.e. the gaming.  A ‘dispute’ is specifically any complaint that relates to a gambling transaction and which we are unable to resolve at the first stage of the complaints procedure set out below.

The Clermont Club’s complaints procedure has three stages.

Stage 1: If you have any concerns arising from any aspect of our licensed activities, in the first instance you should speak to the dealer or the table supervisor, who will seek to resolve the problem for you at the time.

Stage 2: If you are not satisfied with their decision, it should be raised to a casino manager, preferably at the time, who will again seek to resolve the problem for you. If the manager cannot resolve the matter to your satisfaction, you should put your complaint in writing to:

The General Manager
The Clermont Club
44 Berkeley Square
London W1J 5AR

The General Manager will acknowledge your complaint in writing and seek to write to you with an outcome within thirty days.

Further Steps

If you have been through every stage of our internal procedure and remain unsatisfied with the outcome of a dispute, you may refer the matter to the Independent Panel for Casino Arbitration

(IPCA) at the following address:

Carlyle House
235 Vauxhall Bridge Road

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Neither the IPCA nor The Clermont Club will make any charge to you if the dispute is referred to the IPCA.

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